Blaze is a blend of extremely colourful annual flowers perfect for brightening up areas of the farm, estate or large garden. With their striking mass of flower heads they attract many different insects and invertebrates. Any prospective land owner should have an area where this can grow and it never fails to impress!

Sown in early spring, these colourful flowers will start producing at the end of June and flower through October. Although most of the species are annuals this mix could last up to three years depending on how they are looked after. They tend to grow on most productive soils, but would prefer not to be in shade.


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100% Blaze Wildflower Mixture

Baby’s – Breath Mignonette
Calendula Night Scented Stocks
Californian Popy Poppy
Candytuft Virginia Stocks
Chrysanthemum (mixed)
Corn Chamomile
Corn Cockle
Corn Marigold
Cornflower (mixed)
Cosmos (mixed)
Larkspur (mixed)

Recommended sow rate 3g/m²

One of the most important things to remember is to start with a weed-free seed bed to reduce the weeds from competing with the wildflowers.

1. Cultivate and spray off any weeds.
2. Mix the seed well in the bag/box before planting. If you have problems drilling or broadcasting by hand you can mix with a fine dry sand to give some weight to the seed.
3. Broadcast or drill the seed into a clean weed-free seedbed.
4. Roll the ground before, then flat roll after planting.

Once you have sown the mixture, it is very important to manage the growth for the first year. This includes cutting and weeding if possible. If sowing in the autumn, cut the sward when the grass gets established and keep it down to help the flower seeds to germinate. If sowing in the spring, again keep the grass low for the first growing season.