Harvested Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle (Rhiananthus minor) is a common annual plant of hay meadows with semi-parasitic characteristics. It draws on the nutrients in roots of neighbouring plants, typically grasses, supressing their growth by up to 60%. This can be beneficial, particularly on fertile soils, as it suppresses vigorous grass species to allow slow growing wildflower better conditions to thrice. At Bright Seeds we source our Yellow Rattle solely from our portfolio of harvested meadows.


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Date of harvest: July 2023

  • Origin: Gloucestershire, Devon, Wiltshire, Salisbury Plain

Yellow Rattle (Rhiananthus minor)

For best results sow in the Autumn, August to December subject to weather conditions.

When over-sowing, cut the sward right back and chain harrow to achieve 50% bare earth showing prior to broadcasting then roll

Recommended sow rate:

  • 1g/m² (1Kg/Ha) for light land
  • 4g/m² (4Kg/Ha) for heavy soils