Green Manuring & Soil Management

With the changes to the Basic Payment Scheme and the introduction of Environmental Focus Areas there is renewed interest in Catch and Cover Crops.

Key dates are established by the 1st September and in the ground until at least the 30th September for Catch Crops and 1st October to 15th January for Cover Crops.

Species you are allowed to use are the same for both types of cover, namely:

Oil radish
Daikon radish
Please contact us to discuss your requirements with one of the team, and request prices.

Crops must be a mix of at least two species and must include a cereal.

Here at Bright Seeds because we have our own mixer we can respond to late changes in the regulations.

It is possible to have Cover Crops that contain species not in the registered list but these cannot count for the EFA area.

Please contact our office on 01722 744494 or to speak to our advisers for further information.

We can supply bespoke mixtures to cover the needs of your farm.

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