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Kale & Utopia

There are many ways to improve the success of kale establishment. Firstly, our kale and utopia seed is treated with combicoat elements to simulate fast establishment.

Since the loss of noenicitinoid seed treatments, flea beetle are the biggest threat to young kale crops, so if we can reduce the time the plants spend at the vulnerable cotyledon stage then the threat is greatly reduced. Growing kale with a companion crop can work well too. We have trialled mixtures of kale with phacelia, buckwheat, mustard and so on, and all seem to create a better crop than kale on its own, just be mindful of keeping the seed rate low so it doesn't out-compete the kale.

Consider using UK Mix which is a blend of kale and utopia and growing kale within wild-bird mixtures such as Pheasant & Finch, Grass Buster is another good option. Drilling date is always a difficult decisions with kale but generally later plating (May - July) works best when the seed is drilled into a warm and moist seed bed.

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