Pond Edge BW7a 100%

Pond Edge has been created to offer a mixture of flowering species that can tolerate temporary water-logging so is designed for areas around ponds and streams. The species within the mix have very strong root structures so this mix works well for stabilising banks of newly created ponds too. In mid-summer the main flower colour is yellow and a huge number of pollinating insects will be attracted to the area.

Wildflower & Grass Mixture Handbook 2024


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100% Pond Edge 

Common Figwort Ragged Robin
Devil’s-bit Scabious Red Campion
Gipsywort Self Heal
Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil Sneezewort
Hard Rush Soft Rush
Hedge Bedstraw Tufted Vetch
Hemp Agrimony Water Avens
Kidney Vetch Wild ANGELICA
Lady’s Bedstraw Yellow Flag Iris
Meadow Buttercup
Pendulous Sedge

Recommended sow rate 3-5g/m²

One of the most important things to remember is to start with a weed-free seed bed to reduce the weeds from competing with the wildflowers.

1. Cultivate and spray off any weeds.
2. Mix the seed well in the bag/box before planting. If you have problems drilling or broadcasting by hand you can mix with a fine dry sand to give some weight to the seed.
3. Broadcast or drill the seed into a clean weed-free seedbed.
4. Roll the ground before, then flat roll after planting.

Once you have sown the mixture, it is very important to manage the growth for the first year. This includes cutting and weeding if possible. If sowing in the autumn, cut the sward when the grass gets established and keep it down to help the flower seeds to germinate. If sowing in the spring, again keep the grass low for the first growing season.