Wildflower Meadow Seeds

Wildflower meadow installations offer creation of a range of habitats for pollinators providing a source of nectar, beneficial for grassland ecosystems. Native wildflowers not only provide a colourful addition to your farmland, development site or garden, they also have the potential to reduce reliance on artificial chemical such as insecticides through the increase of natural predators drawn to the area for farmlands. They also support healthy soils, cope well in periods of drought and carbon sequestration.

Providing a low maintenance solution with a vast number of benefits, wildflowers are a natural choice.

All of our mixes are produced to either 80% grass and 20% flora or *100% flora to suit a range of soil or environmental requirements. Seed is sourced either from our production on the farm near Salisbury or from other reputable UK suppliers. In addition, we provide mixes from meadows harvested across the south, for local provenance wildflower seed please get in touch.

*Please note 100% mixes may contain small quantities of grass or plant material as cleaning process cannot always be completely accurate.

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Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity creation and enhancement is increasing in priority for England and Wales. Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is the legislated initiative, launching in January 2024, requiring developers to demonstrate an active minimum 10% biodiversity gain to be maintained over a 30-year period to gain approval for planning permission for development sites.

The aim is to ensure focus on nature recovery is not lost within development projects and leave a project in better condition post-development.

Wildflowers can be utilised to create a variety of different grassland habitats as identified by the National Vegetation Classification within creation or enhancement of biodiversity units.

Contact us today to discuss how wildflower can benefit your project.