Canary Grass

Another long-term cover crop providing a tall tussocky grass up to 6ft. A useful crop for areas where re-planting is impractical or uneconomic such as field margins, set-aside, forest glades or plantations. Canary grass is very versatile having the ability to provide a multi-function cover for nesting, holding and driving. Canary grass should be planted in a minimum 30” rows, ideally 40-60”. The growth nature of canary grass means it creeps in the gaps year after year, eventually resulting in it being too thick. If this occurs our advice is to top it in the early spring and with a nap sack sprayer, spray out large lines to clean up the area enabling the canary grass to grow tall creating a canopy and tunnel. It is a good idea to spin on some lightning mustard to keep the weeds down as canary grass is slow to establish.