Harvested Meadow Mixtures

Meadow Harvesting
We have developed a portfolio of established wildflower meadow donor sites which we harvest in rotation to produce a collection of mixtures direct from the source. These are spread across the Wessex regions, visiting a wide range of soil and habitat types. Each site is harvested, collections dried and cleaned to produce a ready to sow wildflower mix. We harvest using a selection of plot combines which allow for more seed to be collected compared to brush harvesting. As well, sieves within the combine partially clean the seed lot in the field with waste containing a percentage of seed distributed back into the field.
A yearly harvest rotation programme is written to ensure we take a responsible amount of seed from each site, preserving the longevity of the meadow.
This portfolio enables us to match sites with customers on a geographical basis to guarantee local provenance.
Typically, harvested mixes have a higher wildflower to grass content compared to standard mixes. The mixes available vary each year depending on what has been harvested and annual weather conditions.

We grow a wide range of single species crops on our own farm in Wiltshire as well as harvesting Yellow Rattle direct from established meadows. We harvest dry and clean on our own sites using specialist equipment and are proud of the standards of cleanliness and vigour in which we achieve, this gives us control and traceability of the seed and its providence.

Contract Harvesting
In addition, we offer contract harvesting and seed processing services for individual customers. This is popular with projects where a donor site has been identified locally with specific species required. This Service is based from our Salisbury office with potential to travel across the south of England to sites. We work closely with our customers to understand your needs and ensure supply of quality seed. For interest in this service please get in touch at sales@brightseeds.co.uk

We're authorised by DEFRA to market seeds. Our licence number is 1708.

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