AHL2/AB9 Autumn Promise

Our most popular AHL2 and AB9 summer-sown mixture, complies with SFI & Countryside Stewardship Schemes. A very fast to establish mixture which can be used in a range of scenarios. The inclusion of vetch and buckwheat (non-brassicas) reduces the overall risk of flea beetle damage. Utopia is included to improve the winter-hardiness of the mix. As a general rule Autumn Promise does better drilled rather than broadcasted. When weeds are a serious issue, this mix is a good choice because it can be planted late into a stale seed bed.




  • Utopia
  • Lightning Mustard
  • Fodder Radish
  • Interval
  • Vetch
  • Buckwheat
  • Leafy Turnip


22kg per hectare