Sorghum is one of the most traded crops in the world but being semi-tropical cover; very few varieties will produce seed in this country. As a rule sorghum can be grown in areas where maize can be established. Sorghum can be sprayed with some of the same chemicals as maize enabling good weed control. It is very important to remember that sorghum is very slow to establish and does 80% of its growing at the end of July; so please remember not to plough it up. Excellent game cover during winter months.

WARNING: Do remember all sorghums are toxic to animals when plants are young. We notice rabbits and deer don't generally eat it.

Chemical Information:

Sorghum offers the grower a great chance to clean up weekly plots. Planted later than maize it means that a stale seed bed can be sued. After early cultivation, allow the weeds to grow up and then spray off with glyphosate (Roundup).

Don't cultivate again. Let the weeds die back and drill into the clean surface. Once the sorghum is growing weeds, control any weeds using a compatible chemical and call the office for more information. Use a wetting agent to help the chemical stick to the plant.

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