AB12, OB3, HF24, EF23, OF23

Despite developing wild bird seed mixtures to meet the needs of the modern farmer and keeper, songbirds often suffer mortalities due to the lack of food between December and the end of April. This is commonly known as the hungry gap.

Those in stewardship schemes ELS, OELS, HSL & CS have the chance to supplementary feed songbirds during this period by using a specialist small seed and wheat mixture. Bright Seeds Winterkeep range offers a number of options to comply with these schemes.

Products can be supplied in bulk 20Kg bags. It is as available as “full” or “pre” mixtures where the grower adds farm saved wheat and/or OSR.

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Winterkeep 1
HF24 (Full Mix)
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Winterkeep 2
HF24 (Pre Mix)

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Winterkeep 3
AB12 (Full Mix)
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Winterkeep 4
AB12 (Pre Mix)