Utopia has now been established as one of the best late sown game cover crops. Utopia is a unique cross and versatile in many ways.

  • Fast establishment like mustard
  • With large leaves like kale
  • Good frost tolerance
  • Ideal for planting in June/July
  • Gives cover by November
  • Grows twice as fast as rape
  • Very strong stems

Note: Plant at a low seed rate like kale in wide rows. This has many uses, and is well worth a try.

Treated with Combicoat Fit.

Growers Note:

  1. To get the optimum plant performance drill at the end of June to mid July. Sow 5KG per ha (2KG per acre)
  2. Remember Utopia is very fast to grow: plant too early and the crop will go to seed.
  3. Excellent standing power and can withstand -6c.
  4. Utopia is traditionally a nomadic grazing crop and has the ability to regrow after being topped or grazed. This is a good weed control tool to remember.


Our Utopia seed is treated with Combicoat, which is an exclusive seed coating packed with trace elements to stimulate faster establishment.