Croplift is designed to provide an immediate nutrition boost to crops during stress, such as poor growing condition, rapid growth or drought. As a foliar feed, its is not subject to dosage restrictions such as those associated with granular fertilisers, and the nutrients are directly available to the plant and not subject to soil conditions. The application of Croplift at the critical early stages of growth can increase root development (also consider Maize Bost at 5 litres/ha).

Product features and benefits:

  • Highly concentrated nutrient blend
  • More than just a ‘foliar N’
  • Excellent NPK balance
  • Good S and Mg contribution
  • Valuable trace element provision
  • Immediate boost for crops under stress
  • Lasting feeding effect
  • Good tank mixability
  • Easy to mix
  • Very safe formulation

Application rate is 2.5 – 5KG/Ha in 200 litres water/ha.
Price inc VAT.
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