Harvesting & Processing


We grow a wide range of single species crops on our own farm in Wiltshire. These are used either in our own mixtures or are available as single species. The species are viciously maintained for genetic diversity, by collecting different strains across the South and South West of England.

We harvest dry and clean on our own sites using specialist equipment and are proud of the standards of cleanliness and vigour in which we receive, this gives us control and traceability of the seed and its providence.

Harvest Meadows

We have developed a portfolio of existing wildflower meadow donor sites. These are spread across the Wessex regions, visiting a wide range of different soil types. Depending on location and site access we use either our brush harvester or range of combines to harvest the seed.

A yearly harvesting rotational programme is written to make sure we are taking a responsible amount of seed each year, this secures the longevity of the meadow. The portfolio enables us to match sites with customers on a geographical basis, this ensures local providence.

Yellow Rattle

Yellow rattle (Rhinanthus minor) is an annual plant of hay meadows. Traditionally it was regarded as something of a pest, with farmers frustrated by their efforts to maintain a sward for grazing and haymaking, thanks to the plant’s semi-parasitic growth habit on grass species, competing aggressively for nutrients and water within the soil. This means yellow rattle has become one of the modern meadow maker’s greatest allies. On fertile sites, it can suppress vigorous grass species, helping the slower growing wild flowers to thrive.

Brush Harvesting

We offer a brush harvesting and seed cleaning service for individual customers and we have a full and developing range of local native mixtures from different soil types including some wetland meadows.

We harvest Yellow rattle from our own managed meadows and donor sites in the local area enabling us to supply in both large and smaller quantities.

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Yellow Rattle