UK Mix Autumn

UK Mix Autumn

2 Year Mixture (Packed 0.5ha)

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Product Description

Our UK Mix proudly sponsors The National Gamekeepers Organisation.

A simple but effective game cover mix. Developed to optimise the positives of kale and utopia, whilst minimising the negatives. Utopia establishes much faster than kale, so the Utopia means this mix will get going quickly, spending less time and the vulnerable cotyledon stage. One draw-back to Utopia is the fact that it is an annual, so it can’t be left for a second year. By blending Utopia with Kale it means this mix can be left for a second year, reducing the need for risky and costly re-establishment.

UK Mix benefits

  • Excellent nurse/companion crop for kale establishment.
  • High value winter feed source in year one and two.
  • Money saving two-year cycle.
  • All season cover and feed for all bird species.

Autumn UK Mix

  • 50% Bittern Kale
  • 50% Utopia

(Kale treated with Combicoat Fit)


5KG per ha - SPRAY SAFE

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