Supplementary Feeding

Designed to provide a top-quality feed source for farmland birds during the 'hungry gap', the period between December and March when their natural food supply has disappearred. This is a brilliant stewardship option, with the conservation benefits obvious to see when you have a farm track covered in farmland birds on a frosty morning. 


Winterkeep Full Mix
from £330.00

Winterkeep Pre Mix
from £490.00

Those in stewardship schemes ELS, OELS, HSL & CS have the chance to supplementary feed songbirds during this period by using a specialist small seed and wheat mixture. Our Winterkeep range offers the above range to comply with these schemes. 

Products are supplied in bulk 20KG bags. It is available as a 'Full' or 'Pre' mix mixture where the growers adds farm saved wheat and/or OSR.

Please cpntact the office on 01722 744494 for any queries