We have been supplying specialist maize seed for game cover for over 30 years. During that time, we have trialled hundreds of varieties, enabling us to cherry-pick the very best for your shoot. Bright Seeds know the importance of maize crops to the success of a shoot and with this in mind we aim to supply maize that fulfils the following criteria: fast to establish, high grain yield and strong standing power so it lasts the full season. Game cover plots are often positioned in the challenging growing areas, so having varieties that establish quickly and are tolerant of proper soil types is key. 

The theory that all maize is the same is simply not true. A standard forage maize is desinged to be foraged in the autumn and be highly palatable for silage, so has no requirement to stand up through the winter. We use true grain varieties that are much stronger-stemmed and far better suited to game cover use. 

Seed Treatments

Korit: currently the best bird repellent on the market. A must wehn rooks are likely to be an issue. We also often suggest increasing the seeding rate by 10% on plots where pressure from bird pests is high. 

Force 20: an insecticide seed treatment to protect the newly planted crop from wireworm. Essential if maize is being grown following a long-term grass ley. 


Our trademark maize variety. Flightpath FAO 240 is exclusive to Bright Seeds. Medium height with strong stems, it stands brilliantly through the winter. It is a true grain maize, so produced a good amount of grain too. Many customers combine the crop after the season, with expected yields of five or six tonnes per hectare. 
A versatile maize variety that ticks all the boxes. Produces a good cob and suited to a ranfe of soil types. We have supplied our Storm FAO 200 maize for many years and it has become a firm favourite with a lot of customers. 

Our late maturing variety, so doesn't generally produce a fully developed cob. A useful trait when corvids, rats and badgers can be an issue. Foxxi FAO 480 is our tallest variety and has very good early vigour, so another good option on marginal maize growing land. 
Top GunTop Gun
Top Gun
This is a blend of a grain maize and faster-growing forage type. The mix is superb on challenging soil types, it is popular with customers growing maize on heavy soil types. This variety has excceptional early vigour which results in a very fast establishment. Top Gun FAO 180 - 480  produces a large amount of grain too.