With extensive experience of growing grain maize for combining and game cover, the one most important point is that it has to stand until February.

This is achieved by choosing a variety bred for strength to hold the cob up, and not palatability. Forage maize is generally more expensive, designed for starch, plant digestibility and to last until October. The distinctive difference between forage and grain maize is that grain maize and gamecover must not be drilled above 100,000 seeds per ha. This gives the plant more room to grow and provides a shorter and stronger plant, which does not compete for the sky, sunlight and nutrients. Vermin control is essential. The varieties we use are all hybrids (ie: like crossing a spaniel with a labrador they have hybrid vigour!) Sometimes we hear people say "All maize is the same" which is complete nonsense. We sell over 45,000 packs per year, which all have unique characteristics:

  • For grain production
  • White maize for human consumption
  • Forage with high starch
  • Game cover
  • Waxy maize
  • Forage with different levels of digestibility
  • For forage with medium starches

Remember row widths very important, minimum 15-20".


Packed 50,000 Seeds.
Packed 50,000 seeds

Packed 50,000 seeds
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Top Gun
Packed 50,000 seeds