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Catch & Cover Crop Mixes

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All our mixes are designed and mixed in house to produce a diverse rooting structure which will establish quickly in the Autumn.

catch and cover crops

EFA Compliant Mixes


Oats, Rye, Phacelia

This mix gives quick ground cover and the Phacelia attracts many insects. Sowing rate 56kg/ha and is priced at £48


Oats, Mustard, Vetch

Vetch being a legume gives this mix nitrogen fixing properties. Sowing rate 50kg/ha and is priced at £41

EFA Non-Compliant Mixes

Green Buster

Oats, Mustard, Deep Till Radish, Phacelia

Sowing rate 50kg/ha and is priced at £60

Green Rooter

Oats, Vetch, Phacelia, Radical Radish

If Rape is in the rotation Radical is club root resistant and a non-carrier. The Vetch is also a nitrogen fixer.

Sowing rate 50kg/ha and is priced at £46

catch and cover crops

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