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Bright Seeds have for many years supplied shoots with high quality Marsdens game feed. Ranging from small syndicate shoots to larger commercial shoots, we offer great service along with a top-end product to ensure your birds are in peak condition come the shooting season.

The Marsdens feed range includes breeder pellets, chick starter diets and release pellets. The inclusion of fishmeal and other high quality ingredients within the feeds gives us an edge over other feed products on the market.

Along with pellets, Bright Seeds also offers the EasyKeep range of game feed. EasyKeep combines a range of favourable seeds and aniseed that holds pheasant and partridge where you want them. EasyKeep can also be used within the "Feeding the Hungry Gap" option under Stewardship Schemes.

Cut maize is also available from Bright Seeds, and is a popular addition to standard wheat diet.

For any enquiries or advice on our range of quality game feeds please contact;

Arthur Barraclough or Ben Dolbear on 01722 744494 they'll be more than happy to help.





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